We have made significant revisions to our Terms of Services as a part of the End of the Decade - Policy Revamp and the latest proposed version can be accessible by the Verified Users. It will be publicly available to all users of the site after getting approved by a vote from members of the Working Staff Bench. Failing to secure a majority vote will automatically reverse the proposed policies to the last policy edition (dated Sept 28).

If the policies which comes under End of the Decade - Policy Revamps passed, they will come in to effect one month from the the day it was passed.

If you see this page instead of the proposed policy proposal, that means you are not logged in via a Verified Membership Account. Don’t worry, it won’t take that long for you to get hold of the same information. Meanwhile we are making some policies available to Non Verified Members time to time before the entire TOS become available to the public. The reason we are having this holding period is to make it possible to pass petitions to new policy proposals demanding modifications. This is a step taken by the Staff to honor our Democratic Processes.