Latest known issue(s): 

2019-09-30: Some users experience them getting signed out and issues in delivering chat messages. ( FIXED NOW  - Lasted for an hour)

1) An automated trigger to withheld some sensitive information shared in public chat.
2) The chat software got an update while the automated trigger is executing which resulted in message delivery issues for some users. This only lasted few minutes and refreshed as the update didn't take that long.

Note: Automated security triggers and algorithms are currently on due to some recent developments took place. While this cannot hinder any activity on the site, a rare instance like this may arise. So far, we experienced only this issue. Most of the time, these issues are getting fixed automatically within a short time. But, if you experience any feature in the site isn't working the way it supposed to be, please have a look at this page and of course, you can report and get an official response from the staff.

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