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A user who violated Core Values and Terms of Services will be banned from accessing certain features of the site. Duration of the ban will vary. Depending on the instances, the user can experience multiple bans simultaneously.

The feature(s) and the duration(s) of the ban(s) are depending upon the situation, severity of the action, history of the violations of the user and more. Duration of the ban can extend up to a permeant ban.

In severe situations, the user’s account will be suspended, temporary or permanently.

Taking down of the information posted/shared

Information includes any data including the text you type, content creations within the site, links, digital files like photos, sounds, videos, software.

If a user posted or shared any information that violates Core Values and Terms of Services, the information will be taken down. Depending on the situation, severity of the violation, history of the user’s violations and more, this may carry a ban.


Banning of users and/or taking down of the information are known as moderation activities or simply moderation.

Who does the moderation?


Contributors can’t moderate users’ activities unless the violation took place within a content created by the contributor. Moderators have rights to moderate in the contents created by a Contributor but this time only, the contributor can overrule any moderation activity done by the moderators.

Staff has the ultimate authority in moderation.


If you think you were unfairly moderated, you can always appeal