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If a chatter in this site floods the chat or harasses you, then you can easily get yourself out from that problem by muting that user. This muting is also known as “ignoring”, “blocking” elsewhere. (Don’t know what is flooding? Then please go to the bottom of the page.)

* To do that (mute someone), find the name of the person you want to block from the list of names you see on the right-hand side.

* Then click that name. Once you did that, a pan will be opened on the right-hand side. This is the pan you use to have private conversations.

>> In the above pan, notice the mute icon appears top right. (Have a look at the following figure)

>> Simply click that mute icon, then the person will be muted. If you want to unmute the person, you can follow the same procedure and click the icon available in the said position again.

What will happen when you mute someone?

You will no longer see a single message from the person you muted even if that person is flooding. Once you unmuted, you can again see the messages from that person.

What is flooding?

Flooding is when some person repeatedly (usually within very short periods of time) post a same or different messages with the intention of blocking others from continuing their conversations. Most of the time these flooding can be seen in the public chat area but on rare cases, someone can flood a private chat too mostly with the intention of causing annoyance targeting one individual. In either case, muting the person will resolve the issue easily.