This is not our full FAQ. Full FAQ is to be published after Dec 25th

This is the FAQ we got by non-verified users when we are not even 3 months old. Very old but nonetheless, we decided to keep it here.

1)      Are you a dating site?

  • No. This is a community.

2)      Do you mind if people use your site as a place to find people to date or have sexual encounters?

  • That was never our intention when we created this place.
  • But hey, if two consent adults decided to do that, who are we to object that? So, of course, we don’t mind!

3)      What is your political ideology? / Are you conservative or liberal or moderate?

  • As of now, we don’t want to label ourselves in to any. We promote and work according to Community Core Values.

4)      You said you aren’t putting yourself to any political ideology. But we see your values more inclined towards liberal philosophy. Is that true?

  • Yes

5)      What is your view on feminism?

  • We don’t endorse nor oppose feminism. But we promote women’s rights.

6)      Do you hate men?

  • No.

7)      Do you love men?

  • Yes, as much as we do for women. In fact, we have a separate month and a section dedicated towards boys and men. Not just that, we promote men’s rights too.

8)      Do you hate masculinity?

  • No. We “hate” toxic masculinity.

9)      Are there feminists working in your Community?

  • Yes

10)  Do you allow feminists to work in your community?

  • Yes. However, we don’t allow radical feminists to work in any section in our community.