1. Independence from outside
    • LankanChat works independently and we are not subjected to the influence of any outside force. We constantly listen to our community members, honor the democratic processes and final decisions are made by the Staff in the best interest of our community.
    • We are not affiliated with any organization, institute, company or political party. If we see any such bodies that respect our Core Values, we will cite them within our community and probably work with them for a common cause and make a positive impact in our societies. That by no means imply they can influence our community’s decision making process.
    • To maintain our independence, we don’t accept any donations.
  2. Independence within
    • Our contributors have the freedom to add any information to the site as long as they are in accordance to Core Values. They can express their independent opinions.
    • Our moderators have the freedom to make independent judgments when exercising their free will in moderating as long as they are in accordance to Core Values.
    • Since the Core Values are only the fundamentals that govern our Community, further assistance in making a judgment should be obtained through consulting Terms of Services and Site’s Inner Constitution.
    • If a user thinks she or he being unfairly treated by judgments made by the moderators and contributors, they can always apply, several times, until it reaches the Level A Staff.
  3. Contributors and moderators are allowed to criticize the Staff.
    • You will never lose your posts for criticizing the Staff actions in a case if Staff Members violate Core Values. Impeachment motions are always possible. But when criticizing anyone, we expect everyone to do that in a civilized manner.
  4. Professional nonprofessionals
    • Our team members are mostly young but very enthusiastic. Most of them are educated, value human rights, friendly and love to throw their hands to make the world a better place. However, they are doing their works here leisurely, without zero pressure. They are allowed to be their own person. Our services are free but most of the users commend our team saying they are professional than paid services. So, we are proud about the professionalism they made but they are allowed and in fact they were asked by the staff to work in this place as a “hobbyists working for a fun project”. We are after all serving a community full of friendly people.
    • Some of our team members are working here just after completing their A Levels. So, if you see some spelling or grammar mistakes here and there and a little bit of “childish and girlish nature” in using templates and photographs, you can now understand why that is. In fact, our users say it is cute, add humanness and keep this place standout and unique compared to other platforms.
    • But never expect any of our team members would display their “cute childishness” when they follow protocols and make judgments based on Core Values and Terms of Services.
  5. LankanChat is free and always be free.
    • This will be free as in free coffee and also in free speech. What that means is, you don’t have to pay anything to use our service. You are also free to open your mind which is unfortunately something you cannot even get by paying.