• One of the key duties of a Staff Member is to uphold the Core Values.
  • Site moderation activities like taking down posts, withholding information and banning users are based on the core values.
  • Every team member at LankanChat must abide by the Core Values. The Staff has the right to remove a team member if she repeatedly failed to commit to Core Values.
  • Failing to defend Core Values or deliberately violating them by a Staff Member is an impeachable act and if a motion of an impeachment is passed against her, there is no way to reject that motion by the Community Administration.
  • Core Values are the basic ideas on which our community is built and the detailed explanations on how that is applied is documented by the Terms of Service (TOS) which is based on Core Values.

In the cases that matter the context and interpretation of TOS where there are ambiguities, moderators and contributors have the right to exercise their power and free will on those. Their choices can be challenged through appeals and if that fails, it can be forwarded to the staff where the final decisions are made.


LankanChat Appealing Process