Core Values

Core Values mean the fundamental ideas endorsed by LankanChat. Our community is based on these values.

  • You can find brief comments relating to some Core Values. If the comments are in Green, they are our stances which are not directly relating to the site but worth mentioning.

Freedom of expression

Ideas Thoughts

Free flow of information

Individual Liberty

We believe any person can do anything as long as that doesn’t harm another human being or animal. Every person has a right to think for themselves and be themselves as long as that doesn’t harm another human being or animal.


  • We believe every human is entitled to equal rights and respect regardless of their;
  1. Race
  2. Color
  3. Nationality
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Political Ideology and affiliation
  6. Faith (Including agnostics, seculars and atheists)
  7. Disabilities
  8. Sexual Diversity (Sex, Sexual Orientation, Gender, Gender Identity, Gender Expression).
  9. Educational Status
  10. Chronic illnesses including HIV


Nobody should be treated differently regardless of the diversities mentioned under Equality. When a judgement has to be made, we care only about the facts not the person.


Anybody who likes our Core Values are welcomed to our community.

Acceptance and Tolerance

We believe, just including a person to a community is not sufficient. We have to accept for who she/he is and tolerate even if her or his lifestyle is not the exact lifestyle we like.


There are inner democratic processes in our community.

Read Our Democratic Process

We generally accept democracy as the form of world governance in a way Winston Churchill viewed which is, “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the rest.” So, we acknowledge, democracy is not perfect specially because it doesn’t target minorities. This is why we like judicial reviews in real world. Our Community respects equality, not superiority. Therefore, we might slightly modify our Core Value in practice as “Democracy while respecting minorities”. Yes, Mr. Churchill, we got what you said, perfectly.

Honoring Pledges

If you make a pledge to yourself, your families, friends and community, you are expected to honor them.

LankanChat Pledges


Sexual Freedom

  • Sexual activities done by consent adults are none of others’ business and they should be allowed to exercise their freedom.
  • Adult discussions conduct in civilized manner are allowed except in the places that are restricted to the minors.
  • Sex workers should be protected under Sexual Freedom.
  • Safe sex and prevention of STDs including HIV/Aids should be promoted.
  • Underage children should be protected by sexual predators at any cost even when the child is given her/his permission. We believe, children should at least reach to the minimum age of consent to make a genuine consent.

Protecting Children

Children are the future of the world. They are vulnerable and still in the process of development. Therefore, we should provide special attention and care towards them.

Sympathy towards oppressed and abused people

Animal Rights

Mental Health

  • We believe in helping mentally challenged individuals, showing sympathy towards them.
  • Finding the inner peace and exploring the spirituality will make everyone happy.

Honoring Science

We should respect and accept critical thinking and evidences based educations rather than believing in myths.

Forgiveness and second chance

We believe any person should be given a chance to correct themselves and should never be judged by their past if the person genuinely believes she/he was wrong and deliver an apology and promise never to repeat the same.

We also believe, even a convicted criminal serving a prison sentence should be treated with human dignity regardless of the crime she/he committed.

Privacy and anonymity

Read our anonymity policy

Willing to Change

  • Values and ideas can be changed due to contemporary thinking in the light of new scientific revelations, researches and improvements to human and animal rights.


  • When communicating with each other, we expect our dear users to treat everyone with decency and sincerity.
  • Try to be a good listener. We don’t know what their life story is. Sometimes just listening to people and try to give some comfort to them even if that is as simple as speaking a word or two with them can make a world of difference in their lives.


Be thankful to the people, animals and nature even for the smallest positive effects given to you.

Giving back to the community

Our community is very open. People have issues, difficult times and sometimes want a shoulder to cry. If you see someone like that, please help her/him. Try to make a difference in their lives. And if you are that person who got helped, when the sun shines in your life, try to lend a similar helping hand to others. Always remember you came to that position on the shoulders of many. Giving back doesn’t only mean monetary contributions. Remember, your kind words, a good smile to a person in trouble could mean a lot to them.

Yes, we talk about animals, it is not a typo. What about that beautiful dog who smiled with you through the hardship? Now you might start thinking endless possibilities.

Our contributors post information to the site that promote Core Values.

We believe a society should also enjoy the benefits from these Core Values and we request users of our site to promote and uphold these values in their day to day lives. When you can create a difference in your society, it sets an example to other societies and they’ll follow your paths. Of course, since you already have a success story, you can share that with other societies and invite them to embrace these ideas. That is how you make a positive impact in the world.

Let’s make this site as a platform for that.