For a productive and functioning community LankanChat users are asked to honor following pledges.

Since LankanChat allows anonymity, it is easier for you to honor these pledges.

Absolute honesty

You pledge to be honest to the fullest when engage in any kind of activity including but not limited to: writing a review, making a comment, post, participate in surveys and polls, converse in live chat.

This agreement was formerly introduced as “brutal honesty” but later changed to “absolute honesty” as the former gives a violent tone.


When engage in a discussion in a forum thread, comment thread, live chat or similar, you pledge to make others aware about your own mistakes, wrong views you made/held (or still hold on to), when necessary. By “you”, it means you as a person and as a demographic group. See the following examples:

You as a person.

I honestly did not listen to my teachers back then.

You as a demographic group.

(If you are a boy)

Me and my friends always wanted to hang around pretty girls only. We often ignored those who aren’t.

(If you are a girl)

Me and my friends always think that a man should always provide us, pay our bills when we are dating for an example.

(If you were a religious extremists)

Back then we were convinced that adultery, homosexuality should be punished with death or violence.

Self-criticism is not mandatory but highly encouraged.

Final word

Don’t be ashamed or scared. Most of these pledges liberate you and make our community more meaningful. Our moderators work to tackle any possible discrimination (including bullying, mocking) that might face by a member as a result of honoring these pledges. Users who conduct such discrimination will be banned. If you are a criminal who conducted heinous crimes and hiding from rule of law, please stop using our services all together because we know you can’t honor these pledges and even if you did, it will make most of us uncomfortable. This doesn’t include any person who committed a crime but paid the penalties and rejoined the society as decent individuals. In fact, we believe you will be a valuable source for us to understand different aspects in humanity and a useful contributor for a better world.