Entire democratic process here at LankanChat can be classified in to 6 sections.

  1. Filing 4 motions: no confidence, confidence, censure, commendation
  2. Vote in 4 motions: no confidence, confidence, censure, commendation
  3. Start a petition
  4. Signing a petition started by another Verified Member(s).
  5. Resolutions influenced by motions and petitions.
  6. Community Appreciation Papers – The latest addition


  • All verified members can take part in these democratic processes.
  • A non-verified member can vote only in a no confidence motion after a temporary soft verification.

a) Elaborations on types of motions

i) No confidence

  • Also known as impeachment motions, no faith motions.
  • If a staff member violates Core Values or deemed unsuitable to work in Staff bench, a motion of no confidence can be brought against her.
  • At least 300 YES votes are required to pass the threshold level of a no confidence motion.
  • If the motion passed the threshold level with more YES votes than NO votes, the staff member is impeached and will be suspended from acting in staff position.
  • She will be discharged from the duty if there are no reasonable doubts against the allegations levelled by the party(s) that brought the no confidence motion. If reasonable doubt(s) is/are present, with an unanimous vote of the members of the Site Administration, a trial via an open thread can be started to give the Staff member a chance to prove her innocence. All members of the site including the members who voted YES and who voted NO can take part in this thread. Failing to prove innocence by the impeached Staff Member will lead to upheld the suspension. If the Staff member could outright prove her innocence, she will be reinstated in Staff position and no more no confidence motions can be brought against her for the same accused reason(s).
  • Contributors and Moderators cannot be impeached. They can be removed by a majority decision from the working Staff bench.

ii) Confidence

  • Confidence motion is a way to show your support towards a Team Member (Staff Members, Contributors and Moderators) and send a message that she deserves to serve in the community.
  • This usually can be used in an occasion where;
    • A Staff Member survived an impeachment or won a trial against a passed impeachment.
    • A Team Member took a decisive decision.
    • A Team Member took a controversial decision. In this case, the supporters of the decision can show their approval towards the decision.

If a Confidence Motion is passed relating to a decision made by a Staff member with at least 300 YES votes and the number of YES votes outnumbered that of NO votes, it blocks the chances for passing a No confidence motion against the Staff Member for the decision.

iii) Censure

  • A motion condemning an act done by a Team Member. A Staff Member cannot be impeached through this process but it surely sends a message that the community is not with her on that particular matter.

iv) Commendation

  • This is to show the admiration towards a Team Member (Staff Members, Contributors and Moderators) due to an extra ordinary contribution she made to the community.
  • Commendation motions are reserved only for praising an act done by a Team Member and it doesn’t mean she is immune to a No confidence motion for the same act (if the majority sees the act violated Core Values) or a different act. For this, a motion of confidence should be filled.

b) Petitions

Petitions can be filled demanding followings from Staff

  • An action
  • An answer

Actions include the followings

  • Change in Core Values
  • Change in Terms of Uses
  • Change in Policies
  • Removal of Contributor or Moderator
  • Removal of contents
  • Forcing to keep contents
  • Forcing to ban parties who grossly violated Core Values 

Vote threshold for the petitions depends on the type of the petition and will be notified after formally submitting a petition.

Petition appeals

A petition appeal is the highest level of appeal a Verified Member can make when all the previous lower level appeals failed. These appeals can seek a judgement;

  • Against a takedown of a user generated content
  • To request a takedown of a user generated content (including non-staff Team Members’)
  • To revoke a ban
  • To impose a revoked ban

Read more on LankanChat Appealing Process

c) Resolutions

Democratic processes lead Staff to make decisions and changes to the community. They are called resolutions. Adapting resolutions requires a vote from working staff bench. Amounts and proportionalities of those votes depend on the nature of the decision or change. But most resolutions require only a simple majority unless they have a significant implications on the community.

Verified Members has the access to the summaries of resolutions passed by the Permanent Staff Members and how they voted.

d) Community Appreciation Papers (CAP)

Latest addition: Introduced on Nov 10

This is a way of showing the appreciation to a non-Team Member for her/his positive contribution towards the community.

  • A paper should be submitted by a Verified Member to the moderators desk. If it got approved by at least 3 moderators, the paper will be forwarded to the contributors desk seeking at least one approval. If that happens, the CAP will be open for a vote.
  • If the threshold for YES is passed with more YES votes than NO votes, it is said that the Community Apricated the act of the user.
  • After the successful appreciation, if the CAP could get at least one Staff Member approval, then the Community Appreciation will have the official recognition.

Filing or voting for a motion or a petition

You can do this in number of ways. Every Verified Member receives a detailed information on this by the time they obtained the Verified Membership.

  • The easiest of all is to, log in with your Verified Membership account and Access the Verified Portal. Then click [Exercise my democracy]. This can be done by using our Mobile App or through any web browser. (This route is equally open for Verified Members who opt not to toggle 'Broadcast Me').
  • If you are not maintaining a Site Main Account, you can use your randomly generating key and couple that with your Unique Access URL. To get the randomly generating key, send us a SMS or an email with REQ-RK as the message text using the phone number or the primary email address you provided by the time of the verification. Please refer to our Verified Members User Guide (VMUG) for visually aided details.
  • For other ways to access this, please read the VMUG or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using your verified email address.

You can always request

Whether you are a Verified Member or not, you can always request for anything from our moderators, contributors and staff. We are a community that always listen to the users. We try our best to satisfy your requests outright. If the requests seem to cause significant changes which might look controversial to some, then we will direct you to a suitable democratic process among the ones we mentioned above to call for a vote from the community. If you are a Non-Verified User, then we will publish a global messege so a Verified Member agreeing to your request can file petitions or motions on your behalf. After obtaining enough votes, Staff will consider the request.

Your requests can be sent to us in number of ways including contacting anyone from our Team (moderator, contributor or staff). You can also do that through the Public Contact Form.

Community Developments

Trending discussions following Core Values that are happening in our communicating features (Forums, Comment threads in Blog Posts, Surveys and Polls, Downloads and Galleries, Live Chat), both in Verified and Public Sections can be declared as Community Developments by our moderators. After the declaration, users can sign in to the Development and depending on the signatures, it can earn titles. If it could at least obtain the Momentous Community-Lead Development title, it qualifies for the endorsements by Staff. If this Community Development could get the endorsement by at least one Staff Member, it receives the official recognition which can leads to significant outcomes including policy changes. Since the community engagement in large numbers involved in this process, this can also be considered as a Democratic Process in LankanChat. One key feature here is both Verified and Non-Verified users can engage in this. Read more about LankanChat Community Developments.

Non Verified Members can equally contribute

This is evident from latter two topics. No second class citizens in our community. You can also contact a Verified Member at anytime and directly ask her/him to fill petitions or motions demanding your inputs. Together, let's build a strong and meaningful community.