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Quetzaly married to Rekah

zaly rekah wedded

A love story started from a tennis court when a tennis ball swung by Rekah hit Quetzaly’s arm, she quickly ran to her to check if she was okay and to comfort the pain caused by the involuntary blow. The care started like that only improved since then and continued till this moment where they exchange their wedding rings.

zaly rekah exchanging rings

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Staff Members, office bearers and current and former candidates of the Leadership Election attended the event.

A Community Press Briefing is scheduled for May 31 at 10:00 a.m. (EST) to focus on developments related to Quetzaly, and to detail the roles and steps of Our Community to help her family during this period and also to appreciate our cutest, humble and talented Quetzaly who is always the source of happiness for everyone in Our Community.

We wish our dearest sisters Quetzaly and her wife Rekah a happy married life

zaly rekah holding hands

Send your wishes to our newlyweds

All submissions will go to the close associates of Quetzaly and Rekah. They will forward them to our Quetzaly’s wife, Rekah, and she said that she would read them to her wife Quetzaly. So, take this opportunity to send your good vibes and positive thoughts to our angel who is bravely fighting cancer. Show your love and keep her encouraged and happy during these difficult times.

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