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Happy Birthday to our Founding Sister Amnesia!

hbd31 cake

On her 31st birthday, our contributors desk decided to write a little bit about the life she lived. We are doing so against her will, people who are closer to her know that she doesn’t like the fame. But we can’t help, we want to say how grateful we are for her. We are fortunate to be able to work under her.

She is a leading figure in feminism who worked tirelessly against rape and sexual harassment, tried to look for the root cause and find the answers than tossing for harsher penalties. She firmly opposed death penalty for any use and worked actively to stop implementing it whenever there was a surge to use it.

She is very cool and calm, always smiling and people wonder how that can be given the huge responsibilities and work she does. She always traces her success back to her Buddhist philosophy. In a Community dominated by atheists, she managed to obtain their consensus and pushed resolutions to solidify the place for spirituality and religious faith.

A smart woman, never repeated a single exam she took and always finished in a high note. Even as a young woman, she could outsmart pundits. A crucial decisions maker and always seek for practical approaches and being referred to as the queen of getting things done. She never ran away from responsibilities and never feared tackling critical issues and challenges perceived as impossible and her working solutions amazed everyone before her. She is tough, you can’t fool her, but at the same time Amnesia is having an unbelievable kind heart. She faced the monsters and helped the defenseless.

If you want to get an inspiration on girl power, she is the ideal figure! But we would also like to remind that she is for everyone. She introduced the idea of equalist feminism to Our Community and changed the cause of the mainstream feminism. Within Our Community, she pioneered and championed the new wave of feminism making masses of feminists to embrace equalist feminism.

Later she started to be sympathetic towards men who are the victims of toxic masculinity. She is against any form of violence, intimidation and bullying. And she believes, when it comes to violence and bullying men are more prone to be the victims.

She is openly lesbian and married to the same girl she promised she would marry when she was still an undergrad. She started helping her fellow women who were struggling with their sexual orientations against social stigma and discrimination, then she extended that to entire GLBTQI+ rainbow diversity.

She is a sex positive feminist and educated communities on HIV/Aids and other Sexually Transmitting Diseases (STDs) and safe sex to prevent unwanted pregnancies. She is proudly liberal but she has her own way of thinking at certain issues. She is highly pro-life. Like her views on death penalty and sexual harassments where she is largely interested in addressing the root causes and prevention mechanisms than punishing people, she repeatedly stated her interests in teaching people on preventing unwanted pregnancies than practicing abortion. She always said prevention is better than cure and she is a physician herself.

Her life and views were greatly influenced by Buddhist philosophy. She helped herself and others to find what is the true philosophy and what’s not. Amnesia is always a practical woman and great at getting things done. She said Buddhist philosophy is practical and the way to find the eternal peace. She is practicing it silently and silently help others to be liberated.

She is a woman who work in silence, touched people’s heart and never boast about it. But we as the contributors here in Our Community, we wanted to at least mention about it.

Time and time again she proved age is not in any significance to make a positive impact in the society. She is a scholar, great leader and a great winner. But she is humble. She is a happy person and make everyone around her happy.

On this special day, we are celebrating the life of our great founding sister Amnesia. We are privileged and honored to have her as our leader.

Dear Amnesia,

Thank you for your continuous guidance and service and Our Entire Community today wish you a very,

hbd 31

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