In celebration of Lesbian Visibility Day in Sri Lanka, EQUAL GROUND is happy to provide a safe space for all women identifying persons to watch a new release lesbian movie, part drama, part romance and part hilarious! Music and dancing will follow and a hopper dinner will be served. An RSVP is very necessary to procure a space for this event.

The date: Saturday, 5th October 2019
The time: 5.30pm onwards

He is not an actor, no blood in hand, only the wisdom and decency.
Doesn’t matter how nice you are to the people, if the people decided to remain stupid, let them live their misery.

RIP United National Party

(1946 - 2019)

With that dies our hopes for a better nation within a political framework.
Don’t get disappointed if the moderate and progressive minded Sri Lankans lost their interest in rebuilding the nation.

We will hail your legacy as a gentleman who is honest to his words, went against the tide for true equality and the betterment of the world at the expense of his own fame.

You’ll go down in the history as the father of Sri Lankan Liberal Movement in mainstream politics.

Good bye Veteran Politician. You’ll be missed

(Amnesia and Maria)

LankanChat Featured Article

Dr. Ajantha PereraEnvironmentalist and scientist Dr. Ajantha Perera has been named as the presidential candidate of the Socialist Party of Sri Lanka for the presidential election scheduled for the end of 2019.

This is the first time a woman has come forward to contest the Presidential Election since former President Chandrika Kumaratunga contested the 1999 Presidential Election.

Environmentalist Dr. Ajantha Perera has also been an advisor to several Environment Ministers in Sri Lanka. She spearheads solid waste recycling and is known as a social worker.

At a ceremony in Colombo on August 27, the Socialist Party of Sri Lanka named her as its party's presidential candidate.

"I thought to myself recently, 'Why are we going to help this kindergarten in Parliament? Because their goal is to make money. They will be enriched. The country is going down. We are giving tuition to a kindergarten, ”Dr. Ajantha Perera told BBC Sinhala Service.

"That's why I decided I was going to compete, because I was confident in myself and I wouldn't do anything bad for this country," she said.

"There is definitely a good competition. The only thing is the people of this country need to be clever. There is no need to be fooled. Some people say that we believe in building houses. If we are going to reconcile the masses, we should be able to build an economy and others say that they should be appointed to protect the country. Job will not need. As long as people are disunited that need protection in the country. " Said Dr. Ajantha Perera.

"Ajantha Perera sticks to a good program and policies, so people will win if they are intelligent," she said.

"Mother is the head of a family and gives a vision to the country. So it is not difficult for a mother to give a vision to the country. Mothers are lucky. If a mother can use this country to build this country, I think it is a very good fortune." Dr. Ajantha Perera said a woman is running for president after 20 years.

"My hope is to bring women forward. We have a group of women who have a vision. Women have some obstacles to get ahead in politics, so they have to be smart," she said.

At a time when public confidence in the country's major parties has collapsed, she urged everyone to join hands to build a better country free of corruption and fraud.

 Wish her success through the comment section. 

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) will provide technical assistance to strengthen the Gender Action Plan (GAP) for Colombo Light Rail, towards making it the first woman-friendly public transport system in Sri Lanka. 

The memorandum for this assistance was signed between the Secretary of the Ministry of Megapolis & Western Development and Chief Representative of JICA Sri Lanka Office on September 10. The Colombo Light Rail from Malabe to Fort is financed under JICA’s concessionary loan scheme.

The line has a total length of approximately 16 km. During peak hours a train with 800 passenger capacity will be operated every two to three minutes. Travel time from Malabe to Fort will be approximately 30 minutes.

The technical assistance is provided on a grant basis to supplement and enhance the project impacts and outreach. Currently, there is a significant disparity in opportunities for women in construction and transport operation related fields in Sri Lanka. Also, the prevalence of sexual harassment in public transport hinders the mobility of women impacting their engagement in the formal workforce. Opening employment opportunities to women with the Colombo Light Rail has the potential to address both issues and contribute to the economic growth of Sri Lanka. 

The gender action plan for the project includes measures from design, implementation and operation stages. This includes the inclusive design of rolling stock and facilities for the safety and comfort of passengers and employees, measures to prevent sexual harassment, and integration of gender mainstreaming in operation and organisational management.