Hey! It is a colorful world. Sometimes we wanna change the colors around to make it more nicer. That's what we are gonna do to our Live Chat font colors.

  • We gathered feedback from our dear users about the colors that should present in font color scheme.
  • Our initial Live Chat room was a solid light color background.
  • With Sep 10 Revamp, Our Contributors decided to use a light color artwork or a wallpaper as the background.
  • But our users reported us that some of the colors we currently use are very difficult to be seen as they are too light. As a result many users completely avoid using those colors.
  • Our Contributors also saw the variations in current color theme should be expanded and include some additional contrasting colors.
  • Considering all that, our Graphic Department came up with the following color scheme.

  • Let us know your feedback on our new color scheme.
  • Your feedback can be directly convey to our moderators or use our contact form. If not, you can always write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Want to submit a color you like?

  • Send that color code to one of our moderator.

Happy Color Picking!


Our fathers, brothers and good men always try to make us happy. That is why they are our bestie counterparts. To honor all those good men who work tirelessly to make women (and men) happier, we changed our Featured Video to the song Happier by Christopher Comstock. Enjoy!

NEW Introducing a brand-new Section to LankanChat!


Because mental health is equally important!

Section proposed by Yahli and unanimously approved by full Working Staff Bench.

LankanChat Team will add features and contents in coming days for this newly created Psychology Section.

 Completely Optional! But hey, give it a try! 

This is open for all girls and women to show our appreciation towards our best allies i.e. boys and men. Our male friends can take part too, if they wanna show appreciation towards another man.

What we ask you to do is to offer a “flower bouquet” for the man (or men) you admire in your life. The “flower bouquet” there can actually be just that or anything else that make your loved one happy. It can be a gift, a hug, few kind words, a full smile 😊 , sitting next to him and spend few minutes listening to him (if he is going through tough times) etc. You see there are endless opportunities. If he is not near to you, why not take your phone and dial his number? That *He* can be your dad, husband, son, brother, teacher, boyfriend, ex (😝), significant other or any male human (or alien if you can find a one). This of course include our f to m transgenders.

After doing that you may tell him why you admire him. This is actually cool because most men do lots of hard work and take risks but rarely get appreciated. Then wish him a Happy International Men’s Day. Not everyone is aware about this UNESCO backed day. Let’s spread the love because everyone is equal and deserve the same love and respect.

Tell us how you took part in this challenge at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Happy International Men's Day for all the Boys and Men!

Some shocking facts: