• Give to someone and let them know how much you care/admire. Strength your friendship.
  • LankanChat allows you to gift any digital data owned by you to someone in the community.
  • By owning it means you must buy those items yourself and make sure you have proper licenses to share it with someone. Digital data that are free to share without being bought (like data with Free and Opensource Licenses) can also be used here. We do not allow pirated or copyrighted materials to share.
  • To fight against fraud and crime, every owner who purchased the gift item must prove their ownership of the gift item and authenticity of their purchase. This can be done very easily. We let the recipients of the gifts to have a short workflow info about the purchase including where the original purchase took place and how much it costed without disclosing any personally identifiable information.
  • Only digital data are allowed, no monetary donations or real life services are allowed.
  • No digital file should violate Terms of Services of the site and United States Federal Law and the Law of California.
  • This is a onetime gifting and recipients of the gifts should not ask for future offers from the person who gave them the gifts.
  • Gather your digital files and contact one of our moderators and tell the screen name of the recipient. They will take care of the gifting process.
  • Our moderators will act as mediators to present the gift to your friend(s) but they have no access to your file(s).
  • You can add an optional note to your friend.
  • #GivingTuesday lasts for 7 days starting from December 03rd.
  • This is both fun and friendship admiring activity by LankanChat.

Happy Giving!

 Buddhism Post 02  Updated

Free Sermons for All

In this post Amnesia decided to present our audience with 10 video and audio sermons covering topics: The Four Noble Truths, The Eightfold Path and Stages of Enlightenment. The sermons are 03:50 hours long.

New Feature

Coming soon - Image Gallery

A feature that was available only for Verified Members soon going to be available for Everyone!

➊ Create Albums ➋ Upload Photos ➌ Share with friends or everyone ➍ Use those photos in posts

My first post on Buddhism with 4 books as a small gift for you all - By Amnesia

Amnesia made her first post in Spirituality Forum Section where she defended her decision to create a Spirituality Section and then shared four books while providing short details on some valuable ideas in Buddhism. They can be downloaded in the same page.
Four books comprise of:

  1. The Four Noble Truths
  2. The 31 Planes of Existences
  3. Anapanasati (Mindfulness of breathing) Meditation
  4. Discourse on Vipassana (Insight) Meditation