Update Breeze

Feel the fresh breeze in liberty and freedom.

Dear Members,

It is time for another major update. While Our Platform undergoes constant updates, from time to time, we are rolling Major Updates carrying a bulk of new features and changes. Update Breeze will be the fourth update of that kind. Previous updates were: (1) September 10 Revamp (2) Decade End Update (3) Update Love.

Maintenance time

From 10:00 PM on April 29 to 10:00 AM on April 30, 2020 (EST)

  • During this period, the IDEA PLATFORM'S web-based interface will be inaccessible for all users.
  • IDEA PLATFORM Apps will continue to function as usual until the last hour (09 AM), where the update will be rolled out to the Mainstream Update Channel. Members who toggled on the Automatic Updates (Default and Recommended) will receive the Breeze Update.

What to expect in this update

New improvements to the Platform and activation of some features which were halted from Non-Verified members due to privacy reasons will be coming to the Platform.

  • Improved Security
    • Including new algorithms and mechanisms to tackle spamming, bot activities, and fraudulent user registrations
  • This update will be a precursor for future updates.
    • Significant changes to the code base will be made so that future updates can intergrade quickly and flawlessly.
  • Non-Verified Members can be included in Private Forum Groups.
  • Unveiling Election 2020 Spring Portal for Non-Verified Members.
    • Missed previous posts relating to our ongoing Leadership Election? No Problem. You will get to see all in one place in reverse chronological order of dates.
  • Easy to share information between Verified and Non-Verified Sections.
  • Restructuring of the blog section and division of the blog section into four groups:
    • All Posts
    • Official
    • News
    • User Submissions
      • Verified Members
      • Non-Verified Members
      • All Members
    • Articles explaining OUR COMMUNITY ecosystem for newcomers
      • Our Story
      • Our Online Platforms
      • Index of Terminologies
      • Additional: A success story (Why we gave away free VPN Services for all Est Community Members)
    • More help articles, including revisions to the existing ones
    • Status Tags feature to user profiles (Previously available only for Verified Members).
    • New Profile Photos Set for both Site Main Accounts and Live Chat Accounts.
    • Restructuring of emojis and stickers in the Live Chat Section.
    • A new sticker set named Memes and few more emojis are coming to the Live Chat Section.
    • A new set of emojis to the Forum Section
    • New blog editor.
    • Bridging of more applied Verified User Accounts to Non-Verified Section.
    • More moderators will take over the Non-Verified Section!
      • After this update, we expect more user activities in the Non-Verified Section. We want to continue this peaceful Platform as it is amidst the increase in the activity.
    • People directory will again be available for all members.
      • Due to privacy concerns and a MUB ruling, People directory is currently not accessible for the Non-Verified Members
      • Please note that Verified Members who refused to bridge their accounts to the Non-Verified section, and Verified Members who turned off Broadcast Me option would not be listed.
      • Verified Members can opt not to display a Verified Profile Badge.
    • Some visual changes to the website interface will be added.

It is the Easter Sunday

Happy Easter 2020

Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life.


This is an update largely aimed at Non-Verified Section. Could be the biggest price for Non-Verified Members

update love

1 Re-written private messaging system with a personal inbox. 2 Revamped People Directory. 3 Revamped Blogging System 4 New Photo Gallery 5 New File Sharing Repository 6 Private Forum Groups 7 Interface Changes 8 And More!

Due to bridging a slew of new profiles and final fine tuning, we will undergo a maintenance. This will only affect the Non-Verified Section. Because of that, the Non-Verified Section of the site will be inaccessible from 1 PM, Feb 20 to 10 AM, Feb 21 (EST). (Check your local time with a moderator)

💖 Update Love 💖

Our next major update named “Update Love” is on the horizon. We decided to roll this update on February 14 as a Valentine’s Day gift for Our Community Members.

Due to this update our site will be inaccessible during following time period.

 2:30 PM, Feb 13  to  10 AM, Feb 14 (EST) 


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